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Growing up can be hard

It can be hard enough for young people growing up in today’s world without the additional challenges that life can bring

From family problems to exam stress and peer pressure, body image, anxiety to social media bullying, trying to get through modern challenges can be completely overwhelming. It can feel impossible to cope, and some young people can’t.

We get that. That’s why Youth Talk is determined to ensure every young person has a safe place to talk in confidence, whatever’s on their mind. We provide an open door and a safe, confidential place for young people to talk.

Young people can come to us without feeling embarrassed or ashamed and without fear of the stigma that is so often attached to mental health. We are a charity and do not charge for our services, meaning that any young person can reach out to us for help.

For over 20 years, Youth Talk has offered free, expert help to young people across St Albans City and District. But we cannot do it alone and rely on the support of our local community to help us.

“If I hadn’t come to Youth Talk I think I would have fallen apart. I was really struggling to cope with life and very close to self-harming. Coming here has really helped me to overcome my overwhelming depression and made life feel much more manageable”

Sam – Aged 16

Here for all

Because there are no referrals or layers of assessments to get through, we are able to support young people quickly to stop things getting worse.

We know everyone and every worry is different. That’s why we take the time to find out more about what’s happening, so together, we can make sure we’re helping in the best way possible.